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Bryci Now Doing Hardcore! -

James has been so busy working lately on Bella I wanted to get his mind off work so I got dresses ins ome sexy red lingerie and slipped into his office to surprise him. To my surprise, he was playing with camera settings, so he started filming and this video is what happened next. He came on my face, in my mouth, all over my tits. Being a photographer - wouldn't' you know it, he had a second camera set up as well that he later turned on so we ended up sort of shooting two videos! This is video one, the POV version.

Bryci Doing Hardcore
Bryci Now Doing Hardcore! Bryci Now Doing Hardcore!
A friend needed to borrow our vehicle so they left us theirs in return. Hmm.. what to do, what to do. I know! Hit the open road and film a country blowjob! I showed off a little to drivers on the way there as well - what a rush! You asked for it, you got it! This video is straight from my private collection that I never shot for my site! James and I did a video in the shower with him using a glass toy on me and it got me pretty worked up.So here's the missing footage from that video or rather, here's the full uncensored video! The marble shower was hard on my knees when I was sucking his cock!
Bryci Now Doing Hardcore! Bryci Now Doing Hardcore!
Welcome to my first true POV video! This video was a lot of fun to film, and we did the entire thing in one take! I start with a tease, then I go into blowing him. Then I ride his cock and of course, suck it some more and then, a sticky facial at the end! My man was taking a shower so I surprised him with a visit. I brought the camera and hit record. Watch as I blow him and then we fuck and then he finishes in my mouth!
Bryci Now Doing Hardcore! Bryci Now Doing Hardcore!
I finally decided to start having the most fun I can with my site so yes, I am now making hardcore videos with James. My first video is a voyeuristic video as if you were standing at the foot of our bed as we have sex with mood lighting. We tried to add another angle to this video but it was too dark. :( We had so much fun though and yes, the future videos will be lit so you can see everything - including POV angle. ;)
Bryci Now Doing Hardcore!

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